Your creative is all set. But now what?

How to go from struggling to make ends meet as an "expert" in your field to finally securing high-paying clients.

In this 50-minute Masterclass with Silva Harapetian, you will learn: 

  • How to breakthrough and get recognized for your expertise
  • How to secure paid opportunities (like the pros) & avoid the spiral
  • How to capture high-paying clients that will hire you

Meet your Host - Silva

Before Silva Harapetian was an award winning on-air journalist for major television networks giving voice to the voiceless, she was a refugee whose life didn’t seem to have much of a promise. Her story is a perfect example of how anyone can accomplish anything they desire regardless of their circumstances – if they leverage their differences as their unique asset. It took about 20 years but Silva paved her own path to stardom as one of the very first Armenian-Americans in the broadcast news industry. Her media expertise and passion for entrepreneurship have led to the launch of several successful online brands, books and businesses... for her and her clients. 

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